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2023 Monadnock Trip Report

This weekend we sent another crew successfully to the summit of Mt. Monadnock in southern New Hampshire!

About two dozen of us set out from St. John's on Friday evening for Camp Wanocksett. After a brief refueling stop at the Pizza Barn in Jaffery where we made the owner's day by suddenly showing up with 20 hungry Scouts, we arrived at camp and setup in the shabby-chic Waterfront Cabin. The Scouts quickly unpacked and started an energetic card game (with some advanced calculus being done between turns). It was lights out by 9:30 in preparation for a busy day coming up.

By 7:00am, everyone was up and the patrols were getting ready to prepare a hearty breakfast. A couple groups made pancakes, a reliable favorite, especially on a cold November morning. But Jeffery P.'s patrol took the top prize with the impressive frittata pictured below. This required chopping tomatoes, onions, and greens by hand in temperatures that were still in the mid-20s. This isn't easy! But it was worth it. The patrols enjoys their creations beside the lake as the sun rose and started to melt the the heavy frost that covered the camp. It was the start of a beautiful day.

Monadnock is known for being one of the most popular hikes in the country and this was true even on a chilly morning in mid-November. We followed the classic route to the top: white dot up, white cross down. There were a couple of slips and falls along the way, but crew was careful and we made it to the top intact and ready for another satisfying meal. Several Scouts, including Noah R. and Alex B., used the opportunity to complete the famously tricky trailside cooking requirement for Cooking merit badge. The results were good! There's nothing like a warm meal on a cold day on top of a mountain

After returning to camp, we prepared dinner next to a roaring campfire under a crystal clear sky. In addition to a few shooting stars, we spotted a Starlink satellite train crossing the sky. It's easy to forget how much of the night sky we miss in a place like Wellesley, but it's even easier to remember how amazing it is by just driving to New Hampshire on a clear night and looking up. This is the stuff that keeps all of us coming back!